2730 May 2021
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2730 May 2021
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Who can participate?

Southern Sweden Design Days 2021 is open to participants within the fields of design, architecture and craft:

  • Independent practitioners, agencies, studios and collectives;
  • Design brands and companies active in the fields of design;
  • Educational institutions, cultural institutions, industry organisations and associations.

Practitioners who are not based in southern Sweden may also participate.

Click here to register!

Participation guidelines

In order to meet the overall scope of Southern Sweden Design Days and to ensure a certain level of quality that can be expected by visitors, we ask participants to consider the following basic criteria when submitting projects:

  • The project is design related.
  • The project is well considered, thought through and ready for presentation.
  • The project relates to sustainability, development and/or innovation.
  • The project is in line with the overall theme for Southern Sweden Design Days 2021.

Southern Sweden Design Days encourages collaborative projects between designers, commerce, experts, industry and/or academia. 

Cost of participation

Participation in Southern Sweden Design Days is free of charge. 


Participants are responsible for finding a venue for events. 

However, the Form/Design Center organisation is willing to advise and – to some extent – help participants find a location for their event. Please indicate in application if assistance is requested.  

Examples of locations:

  • Own studio space
  • Empty properties or industrial premises
  • Pop up in retail space
  • Outdoor locations

We have also presented a number of venues available to participants here.

Southern Sweden Design Days encourages the use of unexpected locations, which add value to the content. 

Participation process 

Step 1: Application

Participants register to participate through the Southern Sweden Design Days online form.

Application form includes:

Contact person*

Title of project/program caption *
How project is linked to the theme for SSDD 2021*
Description of project*
Participants (Name + website)*
Images and files

*Mandatory fields

Please indicate in application if location advice or assistance is requested.

Please note: Applications submitted by e-mail will not be accepted.

Step 2: Review

All submitted projects will be reviewed by the Form/Design Center organisation.  

Southern Sweden Design Days is an inclusive event and there is no selection process or cut. However, we retain the right to refuse submitted projects, for example if the content violates our ethical or moral principles.

Participants will receive notification no later than 4 weeks after submitting a project. 

Step 3: Online profile

After formal confirmation, instructions will follow on how to create an online profile and upload final information and content for participation.

Step 4: Promotion

Participants are permitted to use the Southern Sweden Design Days participant logo in printed matter and online.

The participant has the option of linking their own website to the SSDD website using the SSDD participant logo with the southernswedendesigndays.com hyperlink.

A few weeks before the event, participants will receive an invitation to come to Form/Design Center to collect promotional materials, for distribution prior to and during Southern Sweden Design Days.

Terms & conditions 

Download the terms and conditions for participating in Southern Sweden Design Days 2021.

Terms & conditions