1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


Physical activities around Malmö city

For four days, the city is filled with exhibitions, seminars, workshops and networking events in a variety of places.

Program format

Participants can participate in Southern Sweden Design Days 2022 with physical program activities in the following categories: 

  • Exhibition
  • Workshop
  • Design display
  • Outdoor installation
  • Performance
  • Fashion show
  • Guided tour
  • Open house


Participants are responsible for finding a venue for events. However, Form/Design Center is willing to advise and – to some extent – help participants find a location for their event. Please indicate in application if assistance is requested. Examples of locations: own studio space, empty properties or industrial premises, pop up in retail space, outdoor locations.

An info meeting about locations will be held 26 Jan 2022, when different suggestions on locations will be presented.

Window displays and outdoor installations

We want to encourage participants with access to windows and outdoor areas to use these to showcase their program activities during the event days. 

Location signage

Locations in Malmö will be marked either with window stickers or other type of signage for those who do not have window areas/displays. Signage will be available for collection in the café at Form/Design Center in May 2022.

Broadcast via SSDD Instagram Live from your location 

Participants showcasing at physical locations have the possibility to broadcast via our Instagram Live channel. Take the opportunity to reach all of Southern Sweden Design Days’ followers while for example walking them around your exhibition, giving an inside look at the design process or discussing the subject matter of your program activity. Let your imagination run free and create whichever format and content that best suit your needs.

Read more and apply


Don’t hesitate to contact hello@southernswedendesigndays.com if you have any questions or concerns.