2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Physical activities around Malmö city

We are hopeful that physical activities in the city can be open to visitors during the event days in May. (As we mentioned earlier, Southern Sweden Design Days ‘Main location’ at Lokstallarna will be rescheduled this year without physical visits on site).

Adapted visits

In order to be able to carry out the event in a safe way, the responsibility lies on you as a participant to adapt the visit according to the Public Health Agency's (Folkhälsomyndigheten) guidelines. If e.g. pre-booked visits are required, we recommend using a booking service (free options are available, e.g. Invajo) which you can link to from your program activity on our website. We recommend you write on your page how you have adapted your location to receive visitors, in order for them to feel safe.

Window displays and outdoor installations

We want to encourage participants with access to windows and outdoor areas to use these to showcase their program activities during the event days. This enables visitors who pass by the locations walking, by bicycle or via other means of transport to do some design spotting even if the number of visitors is limited inside the premise.

Location signage

Locations in Malmö will be marked either with window stickers or other type of signage for those who do not have window areas/displays. Signage will be available for collection in the café at Form/Design Center from 7 May onwards.


7 May – 23 May Collect location-signage at Form/Design Center

Broadcast via SSDD Instagram Live from your location 

Participants showcasing at physical locations have the possibility to broadcast via our Instagram Live channel. Take the opportunity to reach all of Southern Sweden Design Days’ followers while for example walking them around your exhibition, giving an inside look at the design process or discussing the subject matter of your program activity. Let your imagination run free and create whichever format and content that best suit your needs.

Read more and apply


7 April – 9 May Application SSDD Instagram Live

Program activities on website

From 7 April onwards, you’ll be able to update your program. The deadline for completing texts and images on the website is 18 April. Finally, your program will be published at the start of May.


7 April – 18 April Complete your program activity
19 April – 2 May All program activities are published


Don’t hesitate to contact hello@southernswedendesigndays.com if you have any questions or concerns.