2326 May 2024
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2326 May 2024
My program
SSDD 2023

Participate in Southern Sweden Design Days 2024!

For the fourth year in a row, Southern Sweden Design Days invites visitors from all over the world to Malmö to explore the creative and dynamic design scene. 23–26 May, Malmö will be filled with a variety of exhibitions, seminars and workshops at locations all over the city.

Do you want to register to participate in Southern Sweden Design Days 2024? The deadline has passed but a late registration may be possible. Get in touch at hello@southernswedendesigndays.com. Participants can take part from any location in Malmö or as part of the festival's Main location, Lokstallarna in Kirseberg.

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About the festival


At our kick-off at Form/Design Center on 26 October, we went through how to register as well as the terms and conditions for participation. This info, and much more, is gathered on this page. You can also watch the the kick-off here.

Important dates

26 Oct: Kick-off at Form/Design Center
1 Nov–15 Jan: Open call SSDD 2024
25 Jan: Info meeting about locations
8 March: Deadline – finalise program activity on the website
23–26 May: Southern Sweden Design Days 2024

Who can participate?

Southern Sweden Design Days is open to participants within the fields of design, architecture and craft – we welcome a broad range of practitioners in various design fields to participate:

  • Independent practitioners, agencies, studios and collectives;
  • Design brands and companies active in the fields of design;
  • Educational institutions, cultural institutions, industry organisations and associations.

Practitioners who are not based in southern Sweden may also participate.

Participation guidelines

In order to meet the overall direction of Southern Sweden Design Days we have created the following criteria for participation:

  • The content is design related.
  • The content relates to sustainability, development and/or innovation.
  • The content is well considered, thought through and ready for presentation.
  • The content is in line with the overall theme for Southern Sweden Design Days 2024, "CARE".

Program format

Participants can take part in Southern Sweden Design Days through program activities in the following categories:

  • Exhibition
  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Window display
  • Outdoor installation
  • Performance
  • Fashion show
  • Guided tour
  • Open house
  • Network event
  • Activity for children

Each event will be listed as an individual program activity in SSDD’s overall program at southernswedendesigndays.com and in a physical map.

Cost of registration

For participation in Southern Sweden Design Days 2024, a registration fee is paid per program activity. The amount depends on which category the participant belongs to:

  • Small: 300 SEK excl. VAT
    Individual practioner/Design studio/Design collective/Company (1–3 employees)
  • Large: 600 SEK excl. VAT
    Company/Organisation (4+ employees)
  • Educational and cultural organisations: 600 SEK excl. VAT

*25% VAT will be added.


Register to participate in Southern Sweden Design Days through the web form linked below. Please note: Applications submitted by email will not be processed.

Participants can register any number of program activities. Please note! Each program activity must be registered individually.

Example: You belong to the category 'Small' and want to participate with an exhibition, a seminar and a workshop. You then need to register these by submitting three individual forms. The cost of registration for all program items will in this case be a total of (300 + 300 + 300 =) SEK 900 plus VAT.

Registration process

Southern Sweden Design Days is an inclusive event and there is no selection process. Form/Design Center reviews all submitted program activities and participants will receive notification no later than 4 weeks after submitting a program activity. After formal confirmation, participants will receive login and instructions on how to complete their program activity.  We will also send an invoice for the registration fee. Registration is final only when the registration fee has been paid.

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Theme 2024: ”CARE”

Each year a new theme is presented with the aim of inspiring, spark creativity and new ideas for an exciting program. The theme for Southern Sweden Design Days 2024 is CARE.

To CARE is to look after and provide for the needs of others. From intimate, personal subjects to large-scale contexts, this years’ theme may cover a wide spectrum of topics.

For some, CARE may bring to mind attention to detail, the design of an environment or the choice of a specific material. To transform instead of building new. Others may associate it with people's physical and mental health.

Compassion for the user enables designers to gain a deep understanding of their needs and desires. By putting themselves in the shoes of the users, designers can develop a holistic understanding of the problems they aim to solve.

This theme is also a call to CARE! – to give a damn, to raise your voices, to act. To address climate change, we have to vastly raise our ambition at all levels. Understanding and empathizing with the humans and non-humans of our planet is crucial.

We welcome your different interpretations of the theme!

Locations across Malmö

During SSDD, the city is filled with activities and participants can take part from any location in Malmö. Participants are responsible for finding a venue for events. 

However, the Form/Design Center organisation is willing to – to some extent – advise on possible venues. Please indicate in application if assistance is requested. Examples of locations: own studio space, empty properties or industrial premises, pop up in retail space, outdoor locations.

An info meeting about locations will be held on 25 January 2024, when different suggestions on locations will be presented.
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Main location

Lokstallarna in Kirseberg will serve as a connection point for the event and the venue for a limited number of selected larger exhibitions that relate to SSDD’s overall focus (Sustainability, Collaboration, Development and Innovation) and to the 2024 theme. The exhibitions are selected by a panel. The minimum exhibition space is 50 m² indoors and 25 m² outdoors.

On site in Lokstallarna, visitors will also be able to attend panel discussions, seminars, workshops and screenings in SSDD Studio as well as take part in activities for children in SSDD Junior.

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SSDD Studio

In SSDD Studio at Lokstallarna, panel discussions, seminars, interviews, workshops etc. will be held in front of an audience.

As a participant, you can apply to participate in the studio.

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SSDD Junior

SSDD Junior is Southern Sweden Design Days' concept aimed at children and young people, to spark interest in design and stimulate creative creation.

As a participant, you can apply to organise activities for children, either in our workshop-space at Main location or at any location in Malmö.

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Terms & conditions 

Download the terms and conditions for participating in Southern Sweden Design Days 2024.

SSDD 2024_Terms and Conditions.pdf