2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program

Activity for children

Who builds what, and for whom?


A place to live for big or small, kids can build it for them all!

During Southern Sweden Design Days Guldängen adventure playground will arrange a pop up workshop at Lokstallarna, where you are welcome to build living-quarters of all kinds. Let your hands and your heart care about the smaller beings, as you get a taste of the magic of Guldängen. 

At Guldängen Adventure playground in Sofielund in Malmö, the kids are in charge. They decide what the place should look like, grownups can help if it's needed. Guldängen is a green, creative place for learning, where children can realise their own ideas. 

To be able to use hand tools, to paint, grow your own plants, and use all of your senses, empowers children. They develop a stronger sense of self, and self confidence, whilst their creativity flourish. 

We/the staff believe in the competent child that learns by facing challenges, and that kids in general can do and achieve a lot more than grownups usually think! 

The warmest welcome to all of you!