2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program
Människor bygger utställning på Lokstallarna

Volunteer at Southern Sweden Design Days 2024!

Do you want to be part of creating Malmö's international design festival? Southern Sweden Design Days is visited annually by thousands of people and together with our volunteers we want to create the very best experience for our visitors! 

As a volunteer, you get the chance to meet like-minded people and expand your network of contacts. It's a great opportunity to develop, gain work experience and sought-after volunteer work added to your CV. It’s a mix of work and responsibility, but above all a fun and exciting experience. 

We offer a creative environment filled with innovative and inspiring design. Food and drinks are included during the work shifts. All volunteers receive a work certificate as a thank you for a fantastic effort! 

Register your interest in becoming a volunteer at Southern Sweden Design Days 2024! Read more about the different roles and fill in the form below. 

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Main location host 

As Main location host, you are SSDD's face to visitors. As a person, you are service-oriented, forward-thinking and confident in talking to people. 
Tasks: Before the event, you help prepare the venue and distribute marketing materials. During the festival days, you welcome visitors to the Main location, count visitors, inform about what there is to experience and answer questions. You also supervise the venue and help where needed. Main locations hosts works in pairs. 
Participation: Establishment (May 20–22), festival days (May 23–26), de-establishment (May 26-28). 

Entrance and ticket host 

Visitors pay an entrance fee to enter the Main location. As an entrance and ticket host, you stand at the cash register and collect payment. As a person, you are service-oriented and confident in talking to people. Cash register experience is beneficial but not necessary. 
Tasks: Cash register, welcome visitors, take payments and write receipts. 
Participation: Introduction day (May 24), festival days (May 23-26). 

SSDD Studio assistant/host 

At the Main location in Lokstallarna, visitors will be able to take part in panel discussions, seminars and workshops in the SSDD Studio. 
Tasks assistant: Here you help with the hosting of SSDD Studio's participants. You receive participants and check that they are on time for the program. Further you prepare and guide participants who are going on stage and ensure that drinks and snacks are available and replenished. As a person, you are service-oriented and stress-resistant. 
Tasks host: Here you help with the hosting of SSDD Studio's visitors and audience. You answer questions about the program and are helpful. As a person, you are service-oriented and confident in talking to people. 
Participation: Festival days (May 23–26). 

First aid host 

The main location in Lokstallarna is visited by thousands of people during the festival days. As a first aid host, you are there as a support and make sure that everyone takes care of themselves, for example remembering to take breaks, eat and drink. You are also the one who assists with simpler first aid if needed. To work in this group, you need to have experience and have documented first aid training. 
Tasks: Overview of premises, talking to participants and visitors, hosting together with Main location hosts and simpler first aid if necessary. 
Participation: Festival days (May 23–26). 

Street team 

Street team helps promote the festival around Malmö - by bike! The team sticks together and rides together. As a person, you are service-oriented and confident in talking to people. 
Tasks: Before the event, you cycle around Malmö and hand out maps and flyers at various hotels, restaurants, museums and institutions. On the last day of the festival, you collect evaluation forms at all of the event's locations. You also help with communication material at larger locations if necessary.
Participation: 2 days w. 19/20 and the last day of the festival (May 26). 

Communication assistant 

As a communications assistant, you help the festival's communicators at the Main location. As a person, you are service-oriented and have an eye for details. 
Tasks: Before the event you help with setting up communication material at the Main location, during the event you keep track so that communication material inside and outside the venue is replenished and in place correctly. You also help with answering questions that come in via SSDD's social channels and emails as well as from visitors on site in the Main location. 
Participation: Establishment (May 22), festival days (May 23–26). 

Construction crew 

Here you help with the establishment and build-up of the Main location, as well as with de-establishment and dismantling after implementation. Physical work occurs. As a person, you are practical, experience in simple construction/carpentry is advantageous but not necessary.
Tasks: Before the event, you help with things like decorating the festival office, furnishing, carrying, setting up the entrance and info desk, simple construction/carpentry, setting up communication materials inside and outside the venue and painting surfaces. After the event, you help tear down, take down and restore the venue. Work from a great height may occur.
Participation: Establishment (May 13-22), de-establishment (May 26-28).  

We look forward to welcoming you to the SSDD team! 
For questions contact: hello@southernswedendesigndays.com