2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program
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Southern Sweden Design Days is visited every year by thousands of people and together with our volunteers we want to create the very best experience for our visitors! It's a mix of work and responsibility, but also a great opportunity to get some sought-after volunteer work added to your CV. As a volunteer, you get an expanded network of contacts, experience and above all a fun and exciting happening.

If you are interested in being part of the SSDD team as a volunteer, read more about the different roles and fill in the form below by 15 March.


Main Location host

The Main Location host is the SSDD's face outward towards visitors. You work in pairs during the shift. As a person, you are service-oriented, social and forward-looking.
Tasks: Before the event, it is about preparing the premises and distributing marketing materials in the area. During the event days, you welcome visitors to Main location, inform about what there is to experience and answer questions. You also have oversight of the premises.
Participation: During construction (22–24 May), the festival days (25–28 May) and deconstruction (28–30 May).

Security host Main location

As a person, you are alert and have a good overview ability.
Tasks: firefighter, supervision of the premises, flexible for other tasks.
Participation: During festival days (25–28 May).

SSDD Studio assistant

At Main location in Lokstallarna, visitors will be able to take part in panel discussions, seminars and workshops in SSDD Studio. The program will also be live streamed on the website during the event days. As a person, you are service-oriented.
Tasks: Here you help with the hosting and guide participants to the studio. You also help to rig before the broadcast, put mics on participants, assists with filming, keeps track of broadcast time and make sure that the participants have drinks and refreshments refilled.
Participation: During introductory day (24 May) and event days (25–28 May).

First aid host

The Main Location in Lokstallarna is visited by 10,000 people during all the festival days. You are there as a support, making sure to remind everyone to take care of themselves and, for example, remember to take breaks, eat and drink. You are also the one who assists with simpler first aid if needed. To work in this group, you need to have experience and documented first aid training.
Tasks: Overview of premises, talking to participants and visitors, hosting together with Main Location hosts.
Participation: During the festival days (25–28 May).

Apply by 15 March via the form below.
We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your participation.

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