2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program



An exhibition about the transformability of glass.

This project explores the interplay between glass, reusability, and tactility, serving as unique sculptural pieces.

Unlike conventional practices that homogenize discarded glass shards, my approach embraces the uniqueness of each shard, offering a fresh perspective on its lifecycle.

Through the process of sorting and remelting discarded glass shards, these fragments are transformed into sculptural elements. This journey is not just about repurposing materials; it's a quiet reflection on attachment and growth. 

Yet there is a tension between the worked and unworked elements, as I allow the material to bend, melt and attach in its own distinct way. This mirrors the complexity of our inner struggles.

The method is strongly embedded in the final shape; the random shard attachment imparts a dynamic quality and invites viewers to contemplate their own narratives. 

Within these revitalized fragments lies a testament to resilience, reflecting the transformative journey we all undertake.