2326 May 2024
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2326 May 2024
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A sustainable journey in pastels

Material for our PVC free flooring

A sustainable journey in pastels - how we work with circularity

Caring for our planet and the people that inhabit it is more important than ever.  Simply put, we ourselves need to create the changes we want to see in the world. It’s a commitment we at Kährs take seriously.

Founded in 1857, in the small town of Nybro in southern Sweden, Kährs is one of the leading and most experienced flooring companies in the world. Committed to innovative and human conscious design, we create products that strive to be good for the people and planet today, and for future generations. A love for nature is ingrained within our DNA, with knowledge passed down from generation to generation. This care and respect is reflected in every aspect of our production and design processes. At Kährs we continue to push the boundaries of responsibility to ensure that all our products reflect our dedication to sustainability and circularity.

Conscious and circular design is a priority for our business, today and in the future. Reusing and recycling products recirculates existing natural resources, limiting biodiversity loss by reducing the extraction from and disruption of landscapes and habitats. We are committed to reusing all our PVC-free plastic material, both from waste and end of life to make new healthier spaces for humans and the environment.

Resilient floors which are produced in Finland use 100% renewable energy, a process that has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint by 850 tones. This line of flooring has transformed our view of traditional public space flooring – being environmentally friendly, strong and easy to care for. We continue to use innovation to become better and more sustainable.

Follow our circular journey - “A sustainable journey in pastels”