2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


A seed library enabeling growth for the future

Fröbibliotek för framtiden

Promotional social system for children and youth well-being – a future scenario where the power of the local is utilized

How can children and youth be empowered to thrive? Can promoting societal systems grow beyond today's structures? Together, we are creating a positive movement for transformation.

The seed library is both a kind of future vision and an approach to addressing well-being today. Through co-creative speculative design, we have gathered initiatives and actions in the form of seeds that can grow into temporary summer flowers, recurring crops, or stable trees with promoting qualities.

In six municipalities, the Swedish National Coordinator for Agenda 2030, together with Samhällsnytta, has explored conditions for the participation of children and youth. In the pilot project "Let's Start with the Children!" municipal decision-making processes and planning horizons have been challenged, supported by courageous leaders and enabling local politicians.

A local promotion system requires skills such as listening, courage, and the ability to act, as well as the capacity to plan long-term. By creating opportunities for both adults and children and youth to actively contribute and take responsibility for creating change, the entire society's resources, knowledge, and experiences can be utilized. Here are seeds for night football, a society that collaborates across generational boundaries, and strengthened civic courage. Here are glimpses of future promotion systems and suggestions on how we create them together. 

Come and help us plant!