2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program



ReFab Lab Exhibition

ReFab: Transforming Waste into Design

"ReFab" is a group exhibition showcasing designers from a variety of backgrounds.  Artists, architects, designers, furniture artisans and textile artists address challenges through designing with reused materials and have reframed the reputation of  discarded materials from waste to valuable resources. Among others, ReFab is showcasing ROBERTSON Re DESIGN (Helle Robertson), RFL Studio, Kerry Donars, Yang Yong Kang (Dave Yang) and  Sofia Kroon Walter (askw). The works for this exhibition have been created at ReFab Lab AB facilities, who’s mission is to spread knowledge about material re-use through workshops and collaborations such as this. 

The theme of "Care" permeates the "ReFab", with participants demonstrating environmental stewardship by contributing to resource conservation and waste reduction. 

The economic dimension of care  is evident in considerations of cost savings and support for local economies. 

Creatively, care is seen in the thoughtful use of materials, producing unique aesthetics that contribute to cultural and social contexts. The educational aspect of care involves raising awareness about the environmental impact of consumerism and enhancing skills through experimentation, fostering responsibility and mindfulness. 

Ultimately, the practice of reusing materials reflects a caring approach to artistic expression that goes beyond individual creativity to embrace broader social, cultural, and environmental considerations. By combining individuals with different creative backgrounds, "ReFab" makes for an eclectic unexpected but exciting outcome. 

Be sure to come by our open house on Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 and meet the showcased designers.