2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program



Mushroom Dinner

An exhibition about architecture through narrative exploration

Quarry Stories presents our thesis project in architecture (2024). Inspired by critical posthumanist theory, we aim to explore perspectives on architecture. Using stories as a key tool, we demonstrate how limestone quarries can transform through narrative activation.

The result is three stories set in the afterlife of three stone quarries on Gotland. During the festival we will showcase one of these stories: FUNGHIANIA along with our thesis book Quarry Stories.

We view the limestone quarries on Gotland as an example of humans’ relationship with nature: we take what we want and leave. We propose alternative relations and imaginaries for these sites. Funghiania is one example.

Funghiania is a story about how fungi can aid humans to connect with their environment. It is inspired by posthumanist philosophy of entangled life between humans and non-humans through the act of care. Here we meet caretakers, visitors and fungi thriving together! 

“Once an abandoned limestone quarry Furillen, on the east coast of Gotland, a Psychedelic Fungi Paradise has sprung out of the lime-rich soil. The characteristics of the limestone quarry offer unique conditions for fungi to thrive. Many people come to this place to attend psychedelic retreats for reasons such as spiritual exploration, personal growth, healing trauma, and exploring a vision of eliminating the ego. They call it Funghiania.”

- Excerpt from our thesis project Quarry Stories, 2024 (accessible on issuu and DIVA)

Quarry Stories explores how our connection to our environment can be infused with a deeper form of "care". These connections (or relationships) can create both exciting, sustainable, and more imaginative places. Funghiania exemplifies how fungi, humans, and geological conditions can coexist in harmony through careful and interwoven interactions.

The exhibition will take place at Mitt Möllan during the festival days. Here one can immerse oneself in the story of Funghiania. We will also showcase the book and images of Funghiania at AVA vinbar . 

See you there!