2326 May 2024
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2326 May 2024
My program


Design for Circularity

design for circularity

From waste to a circular future

We're exceeding the planet's limits. Every year, the Footprint Network marks "Overshoot Day," when we consume more natural resources than the Earth can replenish. In 2023, this occurred on August 2nd.

Reuse is a step towards a solution, but it's not sufficient to reverse the trend. Every new product must be part of the solution from the outset, designed for circularity.

Research indicates that up to 80% of a product's environmental impact is determined during the design stage. Hence, we need products where circular flows are integrated from the start, such as furniture made from sustainable materials that can be easily reused.

Yet, for real change, we need user-friendly systems to guide us towards sustainable choices when products reach the end of their life cycle. We require clearly defined recycling and reuse options to comprehend the total life cycle of products.

Explore our innovative design approach and witness how we utilize leftover materials and recycled resources to craft products that fit into a sustainable cycle. Be inspired by how the design process turns challenges into opportunities for a more sustainable future.