2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


Climb, swing, balance !


– Good day. May I sit down and balance?

As a child you swing, you walk the balance beam using walls, sidewalks, fallen trees… and if you had the chance to grow up amongst trees, most certainly have you climbed them too, as high as your courage would take you. As our bodies are set in motion, we begin to play our way to new languages, intuitive and immediate, whatever age -young, old, half old. We laugh, we make use of our senses and imagination, sometimes on our own but more than seldom do we need a fellow passenger to join in our adventures.

Tamano Carpentry have built and created many playgrounds. Together with the artist and design duo Anna Senno (SE/FR) and Michel Cayre (FR) they have now set to create a whole series of installation pieces, for both interior and exterior, where the visitor is encouraged to converse and ponder whilst in motion -with one self or with the Other, quite like park benches where we meet with those we know and those we don’t. 

This is an invitation to enable in our public spaces, with no obligation, a moment of internal and external conversation, an exploration and movement suitable for all generations to take place. A moment that surely could bring about more smiling and unleashing rusty thoughts in stiff bodies. An encouragement to take our selves less seriously and meet with one another, even in the overwhelming urban landscapes.  

Climb, swing, balance ! Is a series hopeful cry outs to our playful abilities presented in various size (in scale 1:1) alongside a scale model. 

The project is part of a joint exploration on the types of installations in the public space that could stimulate our physical, cognitive and poetic faculties paired with social ease between all ages.