2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


As Cinco Estações (The Five Seasons)

An embroidery exhibition about nature-being-other bond

This embroidery exhibition is part of the series The Five Seasons by Paula Castro, a Brazilian textile artist. Using linen and thread, the embroideries illustrate the feminine, the woman's body in organic transformation with nature and the value of each phase of the life cycle. 

The threads pass through childhood, youth and maturity. The changing of the seasons serves as a metaphor for the states of the soul. The canvases emphasise the flowering of human intimacy in painful moments, the value of being connected to each other and also to nature, bringing to life processes of both mourning and maturing.

In this way, the canvases provoke us to feel the bond between Nature - Being - Other and to conjugate the verb to care:

To care about looking inward, knowing oneself, the needs that spring from within, and their purpose for being in the world; 
To be careful about cultivating the garden around oneself, and pollinators, and maintaining the creation of life on the planet. 
To be continuously caring about others in the terrible autumns of their existence. To always be a support for their pain. 

Hands take care. Hands are protagonists in this embroidery series. With them, we look after ourselves, each other and the Earth. With our hands, we touch, we can create intimacy and, through caring, we establish bonds. We need this bond to feel safe and to develop as human beings. Therefore, care is urgent and essential. 

For the artist, by caring every day, we participate in building the bond with ourselves, between ourselves and others and between ourselves and the planet.