2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


Can we find new places for housing by water, on water and in water?

Boende vid vatten

Densification in the city's water spaces

We at KANOZI architects see ourselves as urbanists and firmly believe in the city as an idea! We care about the city because we see that the city holds solutions for several of our common challenges in the future.

We need to find ways to densify and create attractive living environments that give more people the opportunity to live in Malmö with greater proximity to both workplaces and schools to sports and culture. By extension, we believe that a successful densification of the existing city can be part of equalizing living conditions.

One way to create space for more people is that each resident does not take up so much space. Floating houseboats are dreamed of by many families as a way to realize living with their own house in the middle of the city without it needing to be a traditional villa city - where the gardens take up a lot of space and thus cause sprawl. A houseboat has a very clearly defined footprint with compact surfaces where everything (building and surrounding land) fits in about 200 to 250 square meters.

With our exhibition, we want to collect, show and discuss whether there is untapped potential at the water's edge in Malmö. Housing close to the water has been in demand in recent years, but it is not always that accessibility for the public is integrated in a good way. In connection with construction by the water, there is the possibility of simultaneously creating new kinds of public spaces - for example floating swimming areas - which are not only for the residents but for everyone in the city.

Upcoming water level rises are a reality that all cities next to water need to find ways to deal with. Floating constructions where the homes are raised and lowered along with the sea is one way. Another way is to raise the homes on pillars that raise the houses by a sufficient margin. Platforms and piers under the homes can then be prepared to be flooded at different times of the year.

We care about urban development in Malmö and therefore with our exhibition we want to find ways to broaden the conversation about what a necessary future densification within the city might look like!