2326 May 2024
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2326 May 2024
My program


Artifacts for a scuba diving utopia

Comfort in Atlantis - SEAC - NMASA Design -Artifacts for a scuba diving utopia

Speculative design solutions for the environmental challenges of the diving sector

A wave of design innovations emerges to confront the challenges looming over scuba diving in an age defined by the environmental crisis. NMASA Design and SEAC Sub lead a comprehensive examination of the impact of scuba diving, scrutinizing various facets ranging from fin production to distribution processes and even the behaviors exhibited by divers beneath the waves.

Their mission? To envision solutions that prompt contemplation on the issue, thereby stimulating ongoing debates and inspiring the sector to reconsider the future of scuba diving. This involves a departure from conventional standardized approaches, embracing a reevaluation of diving practices and the exploration of novel materials.

The result is a collection of artifacts – solutions that span from concrete interventions in the tangible, immediate realm to more speculative, disruptive solutions with eyes set firmly on a utopian horizon. This exhibition invites audiences to explore the transformative potential of these design interventions in reshaping the landscape of scuba diving.

  • Artifact 1: "WASTED" - Shifting from superfluous packaging to coveted utility 

    This exhibit explores the potential of replacing commonplace single-use plastic bag packaging with compact items crafted from recycled and recyclable plastics. These items serve a utilitarian purpose throughout the equipment's lifecycle, transcending their conventional packaging role.


  • Artifact 2: "Closing the Loop" - Transforming marine waste into aquatic freedom

    A project with the aim of diminishing SEAC's fin production footprint and augmenting its circularity. The objective goes beyond waste reduction, seeking to substitute raw materials with plastic derived from marine robes and other sea-related waste. In a poetic twist, waste that once despoiled divers' paradises finds redemption in the form of essential equipment for them.


  • Artifact 3: "Feeling the Life" - unshielding our feet to safeguard the surroundings

    Acknowledging studies that highlight the inadvertent damage caused by divers kicking corals, this project analyzes the reasons behind such actions. The proposal involves a redesign of fins to heighten divers' awareness of their underwater surroundings, with the concept of making their feet more delicate to protect the fragile organisms residing underwater.


  • Artifact 4: "Comfort in Atlantis" - Navigating underwater liminal spaces 

    While rest remains vital, doing so in underwater environments can disrupt marine life significantly. This exhibit tackles the issue by creating safe spaces in the liminal zones shared by divers and coral. It delves into subjects such as underwater ergonomics, artificial coral reef production, furniture design, and underwater architecture to strike a balance between diver comfort and ecosystem preservation.


This project has been part of the Better Factory Program