1922 May 2022
1922 May 2022


Where do I apply?

Information about the application process can be found here.

Who can participate?

SSDD 2022 is open to participants within the fields of design, architecture and crafts:  

  • Independent practitioners, agencies, studios and collectives;  
  • Design brands and companies active in the field of design;  
  • Educational institutions, cultural institutions, industry organisations and associations.  

Practitioners who are not based in southern Sweden may also participate.  

How are projects/events selected?

Southern Sweden Design Days is an inclusive event and there is no selection process. Form/Design Center reviews all submitted projects. We retain the right to refuse submitted projects, for example if the content violates our ethical and moral principles. 

Is there a requirement that content should be new/recent work? 

No. Content does not have to be new work, i.e. not previously shown. However, it needs to be new for SSDD.

Does Southern Sweden Deign Days provide venues for events/exhibitions? 

Participants are responsible for finding a venue for events. However, Form/Design Center is willing to advise and – to some extent – help participants find a location for their event. Please indicate in application if assistance is requested. 

We have also presented a number of venues available to participants here.

Does Southern Sweden Design Days assist with funding for a project?

Participants are responsible for funding their events. SSDD is not able to assist with funding individual events.

Where can I get in touch with other designers?

Southern Sweden Design Days Community on facebook is a forum for participants in Southern Sweden Design Days to discuss, advise and inspire each other. Here you can raise an issue, share premises or find new collaborations.

What does it cost to participate?

For participation in Southern Sweden Design Days 2022, a registration fee of SEK 300 is paid per physical program activity (25% VAT will be added). Digital program activities are free of charge.

How can I contact the organisation behind Southern Sweden Design Days?

Please contact us via hello@southernswedendesigndays.com

Are direct sales allowed during Southern Sweden Design Days?

Southern Sweden Design Days is not primarily a commercial event. During Southern Sweden Design Days direct sales should not be a main activity. Direct sales should be separated from the exhibition and may not take place in the exhibition itself. At Southern Sweden Design Days the exhibitions, activities and content are leading, not direct sales.