1013 Sep 2020
1013 Sep 2020

Other locations

Participants in Southern Sweden Design Days are responsible for finding a venue for their event. Have you as a participant not yet found one? During our open mic at the info session on the 23 January a number of venues were presented available to participants of Southern Sweden Design Days. Here’s a brief presentation of these venues. Contact each venue for more info.

Beyond Us

Contact the venue for more info.

Address: Södra Vallgatan 5
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Contact: Jasmin Jahja – jasmin@voiistudios.com

Beyond us lokal



Apple Premium Reseller located in the city center. Possibility to borrow technical equipment if needed. It is not possible to exhibit in places where Apple's products stand, but we can provide table surface and some wall surface. Only possible to exhibit during store opening hours (see www.mstore.se). 

Address: Baltzarsgatan 26
Size: 110 sqm.
Cost: Free.
Contact: Christopher Carlén – c.carlen@mstore.se

The interior of mStore at Baltzarsgatan 26



Almi is moving to big new offices at Gustav Adolfs torg in April (the pictures show the ongoing refurbishment and future result). In total Almi can house 100 people. The biggest space is for ca 70 seated. Coffee is included.

Address: Gustav Adolfs torg
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Cost: Free.
Contact: Johan Olsén – johan.olsen@almi.se


STUDIO Meetingpoint

Contact the venue for more info.

Address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 24
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Contact: Ulrika Hjerpe – ulrika@altitudemeetings.se


Media Evolution

Contact the venue for more info.

Address: Stora Varvsgatan 6A
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Contact: Pernilla Lavesson – pernilla@mediaevolution.se


Ohboy Hotel

Ohboy Hotel – The orangerie

Address: Lilla Varvsgatan 24
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Contact: Peter Bengtson – peter@ohboy.se


Niagara, Malmö Universitet

Large exhibit spaces at entrance floor and 5th floor. Possibility to hold talks and seminars. Exhibition support; large foldable walls in paper to hang lighter prints, wooden easels for slightly heavier items, possibly podiums with sound equipment for presentations, tables and large digital displays.
Only possible to exhibit 7–8 May during Niagara opening hours 7.30–16.30.

Address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 1
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Cost: Free.
Contact: Per Linde – per.linde@mau.se


Fina rum

I’m Johanna Högberg, designer and interior architect. The space on Helmfeltsgatan consists of two retail spaces with individual entry. 2009 I opened the store ”butik Fina” in one of the two retail spaces, selling a limited and up-market assortment of clothes, furniture and craft. Since the spring of 2018 I run ”Fina rum” in the other retail space. ”Fina rum” is meant to be used for exhibitions, events of different kinds and pop-up stores. This space is 17 sqm, light and beautiful with a large display window, wooden flooring and white walls.

Address: Helmfeltsgatan 3
Size: 17 sqm
Contact: Johanna Högberg – johanna@butikfina.se

Fina rum lokal


Malmö C Bike & Ride

Lounge, level –1.

Address: Centralplan 10
Size: Ca. 30 sqm
Contact: Ingvar Ryggesjö, Travelshop – ingvar@travelshop.se

Malmo C bike and ride



ST: Bernhard. Large spaces on several decks, including the sun deck. Intriguing spaces below water are also available.

Address: Skeppsbron 4
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Cost: Free.
Contact: Eric Chetwynd Legge – eric@dvgnt.com




We will join Southern Sweden Design Days with our studio VERKET, located 10 min walk from Lokstallarna in Kirseberg.
We are two illustrators, one photographer and one interior designer and here you also find the headquarters of jewelry maker Sägen.

We have brainstormed about having workshops, live music, installations etc but haven’t yet decided how to present us.
However, our space is 350 square meters which means that we probably can fit in some more designers during Southern Sweden Design Days.
Welcome to contact us if you have an idea that you need a space to fulfill!

Adress: Norra Bulltoftavägen 65A
Storlek: 350 kvm total yta.
Kontakt: Annika Carlsson – kontakt@designannikacarlsson.se

Verket lokal



STPLN is one of Kockum's old slipways converted to 2 000 sqm of studios, event space and workshops. The venue contains adaptable rooms with lots of industry history, raw materials and a warm ambience. On a day-to-day basis STPLN house lots of creative projects with a particular focus on art, design, innovation and non-formal education. Southern Sweden Design Days-events will take place alongside STPLN's everyday operation with everything from Laser- and BCI-workshops to morning disco and sound baths. See www.stpln.org for more information about their operation.

Address: Stapelbäddsgatan 3
Size: Contact the venue for more info.
Contact: Joshua – joshua@stpln.se


Stockholms Auktionsverk

Nice, bright venue centrally located at Drottninggatan/Västra kanalgatan. Possibilities for one or more designers to exhibit furniture, lighting, design, artwork/sketches and use podia for display of smaller objects like jewelry, ceramics, glass and silver.

Address: Drottninggatan 36
Size: 80–100 sqm
Cost: Free
Contact: Astrid-Louise Lidforsen – astrid-louise.lidforsen@auktionsverket.se


Elite Plaza Hotel

The hotel is a classic modern hotel, with the best location at Gustav Adolfs square in Malmö. Here you are greeted by personal service and beautiful meeting spaces, with natural light and venue for mingling, exhibition and various types of events. 
Address: Gustav Adolfs torg 49
Size: 100 sqm (Contact the venue for more info)
Cost: Free
Contact: Ulrika Sten – ulrika.sten@elite.se


Elite Hotel Savoy

You will find the hotel next to Malmö C, here we offer a unique environment and beautiful surfaces with angles and springs, crystal chandeliers and high ceilings.
Address: Norra Vallgatan 62
Size: 100 sqm (Contact the venue for more info)
Cost: Free
Contact: Ulrika Sten – ulrika.sten@elite.se


Södergatan 16

Retail space. Contact the venue for more info.

Address: Södergatan 16
Size: 900-1650 sqm.
Contact: Peter Härle, Volito – P.Harle@volito.se

Södergatan 16


Södra Förstadsgatan 32

Retail space. Contact the venue for more info.

Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 32
Size: 581 sqm.
Contact: Peter Härle, Volito – P.Harle@volito.se

Södra förstadsgatan 16


Gustav Adolfs Torg 8A-C

Retail space. Contact the venue for more info.

Adress: Gustav Adolfs Torg 8A-C
Storlek: 137-186 sqm.
Kontakt: Peter Härle, Volito – P.Harle@volito.se

Gustav Adolf Torg 8A-C