2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program



An out-of-tune exhibition about theft, does it really belong to you? "Now it does". Cultural symbiosis, whole roasted pig, and Ystad sausage.

Authentic Skåne/Yugoslavian partisan art design.
The most sluggish shit in the county. So damn fat that it doesn't fit on EU pallets and had to be loaded directly into the freight wagon and shipped out on the old tracks to the harbor via Persborg Station and the godforsaken yards behind the slaughterhouse. Like ravens, the two brothers have cleared the track between Malmö and Lund after the railway administration's progress between 2022-2023.
With competences in underwater search, hot work, and backflip rolling, this scrap has been refined and given a new meaning.
The works are now being exhibited for the first time at Restaurant Malmö and are of the utmost importance for the entire Malmö, Lund, Skåne, and former central Yugoslavia. Including Kroksbäck, Holma, Möllevången, Kärrarp, and Norra Fäladen.
Welcome to the world premiere, mingle with the absolute finest of Industrihamnen and enjoy Skåne-Croatian home-cooked food and art design.
Any sales will be packaged in perforated plastic bags recycled from nearby barbed wire fences.
Alcohol and drug-free.

Sponsored by Försörjningsstöd Lund & Malmö."