2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program

Window display


 Candle (Recycled wax)

Recycling revolution

Our name already has the meaning of our vision.

INakSHI means "different" from the Ukrainian language. Those who thinks differently, who cares about the environment and the future. We want to change people's perception of thrown away things, to value what we find in a second hand and on the beach.

 All creative people use materials. Why don`t we use existing materials  instead of extracting new materials. Many things have already been created, fabrics, glass, ceramics and everything is at second hand stores just waiting for someone's hands to transform them into something interesting and unique. 

We want people to start looking at used things and trash differently, in creative way, instead of throwing it away. 

INakSHI design ignites creativity by reusing and recycling in an efficient and beautiful way. We create our objects from everything we pick up on the beach (plastic, bricks, algae.)