2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


"Lovely Linen"


Tribute to the tradition of textile craftsmanship, with sustainable artistic solutions

'Lovely Linen' was born out of a desire to create circular design solutions in textile printing and thus secure a place for the profession in the future. The textile industry as we know it today is resource-intensive and far from sustainable. A craft like textile printing could become an important element of sustainable solutions, as it can be used to reinterpret and revitalize discarded textiles without compromising artistic expression. 

Textile designers Lisbet Friis and Josefina Enevold have hand-printed on older, carefully selected, hand-woven damask fabrics of high craftsmanship and aesthetic quality. Each textile print is designed and executed in close dialog with the expression and history of the old textile. Together, a new whole emerges, where modern patterns and colors continue the story that began when the textiles were created. 

The project contains an important tribute to handmade textiles with a message that discarded textiles can be a gift we should take care of. The older textiles exude all the respect for materials, quality and craftsmanship that originally characterized the Nordic design tradition. 

Lisbet Friis and Josefina Enevold both work professionally with textile design, colors and fabric printing in the field between craft, design and art. They explore materials with old and new techniques and create textiles for exhibitions, interior design and decoration. They both have great knowledge of craftsmanship and textile technology and it is important for them to show the uniqueness of hand-printed textiles and bring the tradition into the future. 

Their collaboration unites the younger and older generation, the Danish and Swedish design tradition, resulting in a broad experience and a mutual artistic and professional dissemination. 

The motivation for the project is to revive the understanding of good craftsmanship and inspire to give new life to old textiles in a way that adds artistic value.

The exhibition will also be open May 27-28 at 12.00-18.00.