2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


Hall of Mirrors

Small Ammonite - mirror by ÅKA studio

Mirroring Nature - material and texture

Åka Studio make design objects that engage with care on a primal level and this years theme was already staring back at them. With the core of the latest collection being a set of mirrors, playing with the notion of care is regularly at the tip of their thoughts. 

They aspire to ignite their passions in others through a commitment to making work that absorbs and reflects facets of their immediate environment and a sense of responsibility for taking care of the natural world through sustainable material choices. 

One can glance through a painstakingly crafted, purposely imperfect mirror frame, simultaneously promoting a sense of self care and of selfless duty to the environment. They create wall mounted sculptural forms creating stark contrasts with the interior realm, casting natures raw asymmetry centre stage and engaging the viewer with intricate texture. There are side tables that, whilst providing function, also serve to highlight the importance of sustainable materials and, through texture, reference the serene and archaic natural elements found here in Skåne.

Åka are Mimi Norrgren and Jeffrey Rogers, artists and designers recently relocated to Sweden from the UK. Their creative journey has culminated in a determination to build a business based upon sculptural integrity and sustainable material choices. 

Through their parallel project, Form & Light, they engage their local community with open studio days and regular courses in glass making, mould making and eco resin. The studio becomes a place for open and informal discussion, helps to educate interested people and provides the couple with valuable insights in to the validity of their own creative practice. 

They believe that their work can inspire and challenge the viewer to think about care in a broader and deeper sense, as well as to appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature.