2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program



Gustav och Sven

A father designs two products, a son interprets the products in new designs.

An exhibition with Gustav and Sven Carlberg. A bridge between generations and two expressions that are similar yet different. The connection to this year's theme "Care" is Family, and to pass on lessons learned.



Candle Holder

Sven designed a candle holder for candle stubs in 2003, it consists of a concrete container and a metal lid with a hole, the candle holder burns the whole candle until a small piece of wick and stearin falls into the concrete container and suffocates the flame. A candle holder for your candle stubs.

Side Table

Sven often designs based on manufacturing techniques, during the last two year he has designed and built small side tables in bentwood. This is the second product in the exhibition.

Gustav has interpreted these two products designed by Sven. Based on function, construction and area of ​​use, he has designed two new products that will be shown during the exhibition together with his inspirers.


The exhibition is held in Grandpa Store, Malmö.