2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program

Open house

Combined fashion design and handpoke tattoo studio

Welcome to our studio, a mix of fashion design and handpoke tattoos

We are two designers, Gabi and Sofia, sharing a studio. Gabi designs and sews clothes under the brand Mèlue, and Sofia is a hand pocket tattooist, illustrator and designer whose studio is called The Holy Grail (Den Heliga Gralen).

Gabija about Mèlue:

Mèlue is a clothing brand run by Gabija, who has been a clothing designer since 2020. Mèlue offers reversible clothing, created based on sustainability and environmental considerations. The business focuses on small-scale production, everything being made locally in the Malmö studio. The clothes are made in natural materials and in colors of the customer's choice after the order has been placed, to minimize waste. Gabija wants to create sustainable and fun collections for people who are aware of their consumption impact and who think about how fashion and the clothing industry affects them, the environment and the lives of others. By producing locally and on a small scale, they take responsibility for impacting the Swedish fashion industry. In this way, they have the opportunity to preserve the craftsmanship behind the creation of clothes and the reconstruction of the Swedish fashion industry.

Sofia about Den Heliga Gralen:

I do handpoke tattoos, often with ceremonial elements, and I illustrate and design books. People who come to me for tattoos usually have a deeply personal reason why they want their tattoo, and the tattoo sessions tend to become a mixture of therapy, meditation and ceremony.

I'm also about to start a new branch of my business which is about guiding people who feel creatively blocked, uninspired, or afraid to start writing / painting / singing / whatever it may be. During Southern Sweden Design Days, I will offer free half-hour coaching sessions around creativity. I will also draw temporary tattoos on anyone who wants them, drawn with a thin marker that stays for 1-2 days.