2326 May 2024
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2326 May 2024
My program



Utdelning av Region Skånes Designpris, Pressbild

Celebrating good design and sustainable development in the region

Region Skåne's design award rewards good design of a product, function or service that is important for regional development. The award highlights the importance of design for sustainable development and promotes good examples that can inspire and motivate others. The award wants to encourage, engage and contribute to the public conversation about the importance of design for sustainable development in the Skåne region.

The jury consists of representatives from Form/Design Center, the School of Industrial Design - LTH, Region Skåne and appointed design practitioners.

Winner 2024

Ateljé Schultz/Lindberg

The design duo Ateljé Schultz/Lindberg is awarded Region Skåne's design prize 2024 for the project Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene in Eslöv's city library and associated branches for three months in 2023. In the libraries, places were created where it was obvious for all kinds of children to go and be part of a creative context - which explores the proposed epoch, the Anthropocene.

They start from the belief that artistic processes, where our feelings are allowed to be invoked, are a possible key to exploring, examining and understanding the present and what changes new times require of us humans. By making themselves available as role models, as professional designers and artists, they show that creative professions can be an option and that creative methods can be used to understand complex societal challenges and work for positive solutions for our common future.

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