2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


Artist talk with Masha Bass

Masha Bass

Thoughtful Intentions

“My art discovers the beauty of the Nature and natural materials such as wool and cashmere. Using textures yet
sensuous to touch, I like to play with color-combinations, seeking for a meditative, even therapeutic effect within the complex harmonies. The essential is to find by feeling “that very” energy that we call inspiration and weave it into the shape of matter, using the materials I’m working with. In spite of my industrial design background, the creative process is a journey of intuition: to turn off a “Designer” mode and switch on the “Creator”. It happens quite often, that material guides me through the shape. In that case, I just act as a performer, following by the material. Speaking of the language, Abstract Impressionism is the one, I prefer in my works. The day, I’ll become a star on the sky, I’ll be painting with clouds... while in the meantime, I draw with whatever warms my hands... and I hope someone’s hearts. That’s why wool and cashmere are my favorite materials”.

This piece was created out of 1849 merino-wool balls, suspended in the air with the transparent wire. And it’s a
part of series “Parallel worlds”. In this piece MASHA tried to discover color characteristics of the objects (wool balls) depending on the environment it’s been placed. Similar objects behave differently and change its color
characteristics depending on the objects around. Here, Masha shows clearly and gives the freedom of interpretation to the viewer, to draw the parallels with the Human being in particular and the way environment can effect on an individual. Focusing on particular fragments, it is easy to see how colors could be revealed in a very different way, depending on the viewer’s focus. SUSPENDED has a very strong therapeutic and meditative
effect on a viewer, following the purpose: “Art as a care”. Light and shadow playing on a felted wool texture, make
every single piece alive and vibrant. The texture is sensual to touch, inviting the viewer to move his palm, to plung him even deeper into the inner world of his own perception.