2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


Artist talk with Lena Palenius

Tunn hampa färgat med indigo och katazome-stencil reservage

Thoughtful Intentions

Let me show you how beautiful it is

Take care of the hand made. Care for the textiles. I make

designs using an ancient Japanese method, Katazome. It is to dye with indigo resisted with rice paste

applied through detailed hand cut stencils.

In this exhibition I show my work of upgrading the value of textiles. Miscellaneous pieces of cotton,

linen and hemp, second hand, vintage left-over textiles. Once handmade, perhaps even hand spun

fiber, previously made, well kept, pre-loved and now in the secondhand box. The worn linen often

gives very beautiful results in the indigo vat. Sometimes I repeat the process putting another stencil

on top of the previous, thus creating a subtle double layered effect of the design. The dyed pieces

with layers of indigo blue, botanical patterns turn into beautiful pieces that are no longer throw-

away-able. I use the dyed pieces as parts of larger collages, mount them to wall hangings, or sew

small precious items from them.

Lena Palenius. I am an artist working in my own studio, mainly with textiles. I am since childhood

self-taught in the wide field of textiles, plus I have a landscape architect, master’s degree. My patterns

are botanical, and with a subtle mix between sharpness of details and flowy perception and dreamy