2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program


Alter Ego

Källamo + Ebba

Real conviction, artificial methods

With its iconic design objects and equally iconic designers, Källemo has become something of a cult company on the Swedish furniture scene. However, with long experience and professional pride, there's a risk of getting stuck in established patterns. Ebba Lindgren breaks the pattern by leading Källemo straight into the artificial realm. The exhibition "Alter Ego" is the result of an alternative design process where emphasis is placed on technology, but also on poetry. It can be seen at Nordiska Galleriet.

"We can manufacture anything” is what they told me at the beginning of the project. “Anything” and “free rein” are overwhelming concepts for most freelance designers — a dream bordering on a nightmare.

So to deal with the overwhelming, I decided to hire an alter ego. She knows that sparks don’t fly when you worry, but when you allow yourself to experiment and play. She is a prominent designer who takes her artistry very seriously. Like me, she works from passion, but she has cult status, she believes where I doubt, she is:

  1. Artificial where I'm real.
  2. Sacral where I'm banal.
  3. Stone where I'm textile.
  4. Action where I'm intellect.
  5. Resolute where I compromise.