2326 May 2024
My program
2326 May 2024
My program

Practical participation info

Liability and insurance

  • Each participant in Southern Sweden Design Days is their own organiser and accountable for the safety of their event.​

  • The participation/project/event must comply with statutory safety requirements. The SSDD organisation will not accept any liability for this. ​

  • SSDD is not liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or goods belonging to participants and/or collaborative partners engaged through participation.​

  • Participants are expected to take stock of the risks involved in participating in SSDD and has to take out adequate insurance.​

  • Participants must ascertain if a permit is required for their exhibition/event at the location of choice. ​

Permits and safety

  • Participants must ascertain if a permit is required for their exhibition/event at the location of choice.​

  • When renting/borrowing/using a space for an event, the organiser of the event is accountable for the safety of the event and for compliance with conditions indicated by the landlord (opening hours, noise disturbance, nuisance, emergency exits etc).​

  • Please note that using a location as ”samlingslokal” (public gathering space, 150+ persons), will place a higher demand on safety requirements.​

Own/rented/borrowed locations​

The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the property complies with statutory safety requirements, incl. fire protection, emergency exits etc. ​ ​

The SSDD participant (= organiser of the event) is accountable for the safety of the event and responsible for complying with conditions indicated by the landlord, incl. for example keeping emergency exits free, visible and always open.​

There is a shared responsibility between the landlord and the organiser of the event.​

Main location

This location is covered by SSDD’s permit. Participants are responsible for complying with conditions indicated by the SSDD organisation (opening hours, noise disturbance, nuisance, emergency exits etc).​

Organising event in public space​

Public space = The city's streets, squares, parks and other outdoor areas.​

Step 1. Find a place

Once you’ve found a place to organise your event, find out who owns the property. ​

  • Private owned property​
    If you want to arrange an event on private owned property, it’s important to get permission from the landlord to arrange an event before applying for a permit from the Police or other authorities.​

  • Property owned by The City of Malmö​
    For events on properties owned by the City of Malmö, you pay a ”markupplåtelseavgift” (leasing fee) to Fastighets- och Gatukontoret.

Leasing fees​

For popular places like Ribersberg, Slottsparken, Stortorget etc. (listed on www.malmo.se)  – leasing fees depend on content and area of use:

Leasing fees

Step 2. Apply for a police permit​

The police charge a fee (870 kr) for processing your application, and only when the application fee is paid will the processing of your case begin. ​

Apply as early as you can and be sure to include the correct information in your application. Aprox. processing time: 4 weeks.​

Application Link:​

Step 3. Apply for other permits​

Depending on the content of your event, additional permits, notifications or applications may be required.​ E.g. Selling food, serving alcohol​.

Keep in mind that you as an organiser are also responsible for ensuring that the sound environment and sound levels do not risk damaging visitors' hearing.​



  • Permits, Polisen Tillståndsenheten  010 – 561 72 26, (Mon – Fri 09:30 - 11:30) tillstand.skane@polisen.se
  • Safety and flammable goods, Räddningstjänsten Syd   046 - 540 46 99, tillsyndirekt@rsyd.se
  • Water & Waste, VA Syd, 040 - 635 00 00, kund@vasyd.se
  • Noise & Environment, Miljöförvaltningen, 040 - 34 35 15, miljo@malmo.se
  • Food, Miljöförvaltningen, 040 - 34 20 42, miljo@malmo.se
  • Building permit, Stadsbyggnadskontoret, 040 - 34 22 73, sbk.kunddisk@malmo.se
  • Serving permit for alcohol, Tillståndsenheten, 040 - 34 55 50, tillstandsenheten@malmo.se
  • Fastighets– och gatukontoret, 020 - 34 45 00, kundservice.fgk@malmo.se
  • Information on public spaces in Malmö: Contact the City of Malmö's municipal guidance service for businesses if you are unsure of who owns the space and for questions about its suitability and possible fees for the site. Phone: 040-34 10 00, working days at 08.00-17.00. Email: foretagslots@malmo.se