1922 May 2022
1922 May 2022



Instagram takeover with the studio VI PÅ ÖN

VI PÅ ÖN, Swedish for ‘us on the island’, is a multidisciplinary studio with a focus on conceptual design. An island can be anything from a dot in the ocean to a whole continent and their island accommodate big and small, idea and application, collaboration and curiosity.

Jenny Grettve and Kjellander Sjöberg in Instagram takeover

The two architectural studios have come together for Southern Sweden Design Days to question the focus of the designer and architect in a time of massive changes, where instability and threats forces us to understand, handle and design for new types of issues.

Design by Kunsik

Instagram takeover by Kunsik Choi

Born in South Korea, Kunsik studied industrial product design in Milan before moving to Sweden to train as a cabinetmaker. Choi now produces sophisticated wooden designs with an emphasis on the pared-back and functional from his own studio in Malmö.

Jollygoodfellow printing studio

Jollygoodfellow in next takeover

Jollygoodfellow mixes with no respect old and new, city and nature, high tech and low tech in block printing, screen printing and other experiments.

Förstberg Ling Swedish Pavilion for London Design Fair

Takeover with Förstberg Ling

Förstberg Ling is a Malmö-based architecture and design office and next week they'll be taking over out Instagram account. Their projects, from buildings and interiors to furniture and objects, are designed with a technical as much as an aesthetic approach and now they'll let us into their world for a week.

BEAST Studio print

Takeover week with BEAST Studio

Next week BEAST Studio will be running our Instagram account. The Malmö-based graphic design studio and print shop specialises in limited editions using analog artisanal methods.

Happy Ears

Takeover week with Happy Ears

Next week you’ll get to see some cool stuff Happy Ears have been working on. Malmö-based Happy Ears makes reusable earplugs aiming to be comfortable, discreet and affordable.

SSDD logo

Southern Sweden Design Days postponed until May 2021

Because of the restrictions and uncertainty due to Covid-19 Form/Design Center has decided to postpone the premiere of Southern Sweden Design Days until May 2021.

Website programme list

Publishing of the event programme has started!

The upcoming programme is starting to pop up on the website. With over 60 events already published we will continuously add more until all of the around 200 events are up. Browse around the programme list and spot a favourite or two!