1922 May 2022
1922 May 2022


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19–22 May 2022, Southern Sweden Design Days returns after successful premiere

On the 19th–22nd of May 2022, the second edition of Southern Sweden Design Days will take place – a new international design event in Malmö organised by Form/Design Center.

Terese och Ann

Kick-off for participants: Southern Sweden Design Days 2022

Welcome to Southern Sweden Design Days 2022 kick-off event!

Date: 28 October kl. 10.00–12.00
Place: Form/Design Center
Register: Register no later than Mon 25 Oct (limited number of seats) 

SSDD Adorno

Network event for partners: Southern Sweden Design Days 2022

Welcome to a partner meeting for Southern Sweden Design Days 2022!

Date: 26 October kl 10.30 – 12:00
Place: Form/Design Center

Lab La Bla

LAB LA BLA in next Instagram takeover!

LAB LA BLA works at the border of abstraction and function and blurs the boundaries between design, art and science. They are driven by how objects can function as a catalyser for discussion and always look for fun and absurd ways to hack traditional processes.

Sculpture by Eva Hild, photo Eva Hild

Instagram takeover with Konsthantverkscentrum!

Founded in 1990 Konsthantverkscentrum, the Swedish Craft Center, is the only occupational organisation for professional craft artists in Sweden. Their aim is to highlight, develop and enhance the position of craft in contemporary culture, nationally as well as internationally.

Sluren - glass lamp in pink

Instagram takeover with Sara Sjöbäck!

Sara Sjöbäck works cross-disciplinary with installation art, sculpture, scenography and production design.

Finding Utopia 1

Instagram takeover with Lisa Darland!

Textile and product designer Lisa Darland aim to create functional sustainable design solutions for everyone, to improve the user’s experience and heritage for coming generations.

Mina Karami + Karolina Brobeck

Instagram takeover with Karolina Brobeck and Mina Karami!

With handcraft running like a red thread through her life, ceramicist Karolina Brobeck designs objects filled with curiosity and energy. Mina Karami works across design, arts and craft creating a variety of products, including furniture, textiles, illustrations, ceramics, and various home furnishing products.

Britt Jönsson spegel

Britt Jönsson in Instagram takeover

Britt Jönsson is a Malmö based designer working within the spectrum of art and design. Through sensory- and emotional design she seeks to investigate social structures, consumption and emotional bonds to our everyday objects. Her drive is to create a deeper sensory resonance between human and object.