2326 maj 2024
Mitt program
2326 maj 2024
Mitt program
PRE SSDD_Eurovision x SSDD

Eurovision x Southern Sweden Design Days

The Swiss artist Nemo discovered PAMPAS in the exhibition during Eurovision week and fell in love with Malmö designer Linnea Samia Khalil's unique creations. A close collaboration began and now the winning candidate wears her clothes on stage throughout the Eurovision Song Contest.

PAMPAS is one of the participants in Southern Sweden Design Days and part of the exhibition PRE-SSDD – a sneak peek before the design festival on 23–26 May. In collaboration with the City of Malmö and Eurovision, participants in Southern Sweden Design Days show their work in a group exhibition 4–11 May in connection with Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Fv Terese Alsin, Form/Design Center – Linnéa Samia Khalil, PAMPAS – Ann Isler, Southern Sweden Design Days
Terese Alstin Form/Design Center, Linnéa Samia Khalil PAMPAS, Ann Isler SSDD


The exhibition PRE-SSDD will take place in City of Malmö and SVT's Media Centre at Malmömässan in Hyllie where approx. 1,200 international journalists will be gathered alongside with the delegations of the competing countries. Through the collaboration with Southern Sweden Design Days, City of Malmö can highlight and showcase a selection of good examples of local sustainable design.


  • Betty Norling
  • Christian Wilke
  • Ebba Lindgren
  • Felicia Hansen
  • Josefin Bravo
  • Malmö Upcycling Service
  • Pampas
  • sa:k design studio
  • Studio Lisa Darland

Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 (ESC) is one of the world's largest televised events. The arrangement is a non-political event and the concept is owned by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Sveriges Television (SVT) has been commissioned to organize and produce the event in Malmö. City of Malmö's mission is to host the Eurovision Song Contest on 4–11 May 2024


PRE-SSDD serves as a prelude to the design festival and shows what is to come during the festival days – a first glimpse of the program. In 2023, PRE-SSDD took place in Folkets Park in Malmö with nine of the festival's participants.

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