1922 May 2022
1922 May 2022

Application SSDD 2022

Prepare yourself before you start your application. Click on the button below to fill out your application via Typeform.

The application form contains the following:


  • Contact person*
  • Company/organisation/institution*
  • Phone no*
  • E-mail*
  • Administrator for program activity southernswedendesigndays.com*
    (The administrator receives login and is responsible for the final texts and images.)


Note! If you are planning to create more than one program activity you will have to register a separate application for each one.

  • This program activity is a:*
    A: Physical event
    B: Digital event

Physical event

  • Choose category*
    A: Exhibition
    B: Seminar
    C: Workshop
    D: Design display
    E: Outdoor installation
    F: Performance
    G: Fashion show
    H: Guided tour
    I: Open house
  • Location/venue*
    A: I have found a location (namn på plats/lokal, gatuadress, postnummer, stad)
    B: I have not found a location yet and would like location advise
    C: I would like to apply to organise a seminar, workshop or panel discussion in front of a audience in SSDD Studio at Lokstallarna (no extra fee)
    D: I would like to arrange an exhibition (at least 50 m2) at the Main location, Lokstallarna


  • Registration of interest: Main location
    Lokstallarna in Kirseberg will serve as a connection point for the event and venue for a limited number of selected larger exhibitions that relate to the 2022 theme. The exhibitions will be chosen by a panel. The minimum exhibition area is 50m2. Registration of interest is not binding.

    – Individual designer/Design studio (1 - 3 employees)
    – Design collective (collaboration between two or more designers / design studios)

    SEK 7 500 excl. VAT

    *Includes area (specify desired size in the application, at least 50 m²), electricity and basic lighting. Note! Exhibition architecture, walls, podiums, extra lighting and wifi are not included.

    – Company / organisation (4+ employees)
    – Educational and cultural institutions

    SEK 15 000 excl. VAT

    *Includes area (specify desired size in the application, at least 50 m²), electricity and basic lighting. Note! Exhibition architecture, walls, podiums, extra lighting and wifi are not included.

    A: Small (Individual designer/studio, design collective)
    B: Large (Company/organisation, educational and cultural institutions)


  • Desired size of exhibition area
    The minimum exhibition area is 50 m².

    A: 50-70 m²
    B: 70-100 m²
    C: 100-150 m²
    D: 150 m² +


  • Type of visit
    A: Drop-in
    B: Booked visit
    C: Outdoors

Information about payment

SEK 300 (25% VAT) will be added per physical program activity

  • Name*

  • Company/organisation/institution*

  • VAT no

  • Adress*

  • E-mail*

Digital event

  • Choose category*
    A: Seminar
    B: Workshop
    C: Project film
    D: Exhibition
    E: Network event
    F: Performance
    G: Fashion show

  • Would you like to participate with your digital program activity in SSDD Studio? Participants can apply with self-produced digital content to be part of SSDD Studio’s tableau at southernswedendesigndays.com.
    – Yes
    – No


  • Title of program activity*
    Note! Please do not use exhibitors/participants name/s in the title.
  • Description of program activity*
    Describe your program activity and its connection to this years theme "PROXIMITY". Read more about the theme at southernswedendesigndays.com.
  • What is your equation?*
    Create an equation that describes your program activity using the format: X + Y = Z (where Z is the title of the program activity)
  • Discipline (Choose a maximum of 5)*
    A: Architecture
    B: Digital design
    C: Graphic design/Illustration
    D: Interior/Set design
    E: Arts/Handicraft
    F: Material design
    G: Fashion/Textile design
    H: Furniture design
    I: Product-Industrial design
    J: Service design
    K: Game design
    L: Urban planning
    M: Experience design
  • Main picture for your program activity
    Upload an image that represents your program activity. The picture will be shown on the website but you are able to change it before publication. We recommend 2500x1667 pixels(2:2) for best result.

Other images or files

Upload images or files to facilitate the application process and understanding of your program activity. Note! These will not be shown on the website.

Would you like to participate with your program activity in Instagram Live?

Participants have the opportunity to broadcast live via our Instagram Live channel during the event days. E.g., show your studio, hold a short workshop, show steps in your design or production process.
– Yes
– No
– Maybe

Terms and conditions for participants

Confirm that you have read and that you accept our Terms and Conditions for Participants*

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