1013 Sep 2020
1013 Sep 2020

06 Mar 2020

This year’s main location, Lokstallarna

10–13 September 2020 the entire city of Malmö will be filled with exhibitions, seminars, networking events and festivities. Southern Sweden Design Days’ also has a main location which this year will be Lokstallarna in Kirseberg, where designers, collectives, universities and innovative companies will exhibit side by side. The former railway workshop was the second largest workplace in Malmö in the 1930s and the tradition, story and original traits of the premises live on in version 2.0, where it serves as a vibrant cultural and craft center. Lokstallarna will also be the venue for the inaugural party, the press lounge, lectures, workshops etc.

Interior of Lokstallarna in Kirseberg.
The former railway workshop in Kirseberg was the second largest workplace in Malmö in 1930s. 2020 it will become the hub of the city’s new international design event. Photo: Alexis R. Cancino, in-discourse