1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


Wisdome Sustainability Lab with ESS

Wisdome Sustainability Lab, European Spallation Source, ESS

Visualizing the complex + Co-creation = Wisdome Sustainability Lab

Wisdome Sustainability Lab is a yearly recurring initiative from Malmö Museums’ new center for visualizations and interactive learning environments, Wisdome Malmö. Throughout a period of four weeks a group of 15- to 17-year-olds collaborated with a designer and a scholar in consciousness studies in an attempt to understand and visually interpret certain functions and applications of the European Spallation Source. Join in on a seminar about the process; challenge based learning, co-creation and the unseen – made visible with the help of neutrons!

ESS, currently under construction in the outskirts of Lund, will both greatly exceed and complement those of today's leading neutron sources, enabling new opportunities for researchers across the spectrum of scientific discovery, including materials and life sciences, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics.

Science is an ongoing human endeavor that requires future minds who wish to collaborate and contribute. In order to produce inspirational and engaging material, ESS wishes to learn more on how the neutron source is being perceived by young people; what aspects raise interest and what parts can be grasped by this spirited crowd?

In this seminar we will share learnings and insights on working in a lab setting aimed at tackling complex challenges.

Wisdome Sustainability Lab is part of the collaboration project Wisdome Innovation, funded by the European Regional Development Fund among others.