2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program

Film screening

Voice, we’ve never heard before


A design project Journey centered around the disability bridging across the Nordic and South Korea

A design project centered around disability raising awareness and dialogue about disability right in South Korea and Nordic countries. South Korea is globally well known for fabulous images, for example, BTS, K Drama, modern buildings, and high technology-driven society thanks to the rapid growth of the economy in South Korea over the past 40 years. Also, the citizens of South Korea have heavily integrated the Western mentality into the different areas of society. Despite that – regarding disability rights for people with disabilities or special needs, shame, and inequality are still a part of everyday life in South Korea. What if we, as disabled itself, make a space for people to raise their voices? What if we, as designers, listen to the voices? What if the designers and disabled individuals make a solution together for the needs when they live with a disability in society? 

This film is about Yesol Kim's journey to South Korea. South Korean Industrial designer, Yesol Kim who is active in Southern Sweden, collaborates with Muui, the disability cooperative society based in Seoul. They will meet the disabled community in Seoul locally to learn the reality of what people face today and what the problem existed. Also, by visiting the outstanding design institute in South Korea, there will be an opportunity to share knowledge and promise further collaboration with them.

Alongside that, we will produce workshops and events related to disability in collaboration with the partners to raise awareness on the subject and to build a bridge between Nordic and South Korean cultures and societies to learn from each other.

The work is going to be a space where the voices of disabled people in South Korea are able to be heard in Society rather than the messages based on deep-rooted prejudices and mass media projection. It will drive attention globally.

This project is funded by Nordisk Kultur Fond Globus Opstart 2022.

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