2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program


Tall tales - more than human relationships

Louan Wang

Discover the beauty of Swedish pine trees by trying the Japanese tradition of growing plants in moss and soil balls. Appreciate the imperfections of nature through simplicity, mindfulness, and observation.

The Swedish pine tree serves the urban animals in more ways than you might imagine. Is there a way for us human beings to give back more than we take?

This workshop hosted by Louan Wang will explore our tall neighbours through the art of kokedama!

A kokedama, or poor man's bonsai as it is also known, is a Japanese plant tradition. In short, it is a plant whose roots grow in a ball of moss and soil. Kokedama is a representation of the concept of wabi-sabi or an appreciation of the imperfections of nature. Its characteristics include simplicity, mindfulness, warmth, disorder, naturalness and observation.

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Part of the Locally Alien Festival.