2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program


Swedish Design Therapy – a session for design lovers with climate anxiety


Designers open up their hearts to a climate psychologist, and address the elephant in the room.

We love design and are convinced that good design can change the world for the better. But at the same time climate change continues to endanger our planet, we produce and consume way too much. The window on a liveable future will close if we don't act now. How do we deal with and act on all these mixed feelings?

Welcome to eavesdrop on an intimate session of Swedish Design Therapy. An interesting panel of designers open up their hearts to a climate psychologist, and ask the questions that are seldom openly discussed.

What happens when creative joy clashes with climate anxiety, or when a feeling of doom hits us although we love what we do and want to keep doing it? Welcome to a session that will unravel the unreserved feelings behind design in our time.

Frida Hylander/Klimatpsykologerna
Saif Bakir/CMMN SWDN
Jenny Grettve/When! When!
Lisa Hilland/Atelier Lisa Hilland

Jenny Bergström Bonmot/Swedish Institute

The seminar is held in English. 

Organized by:
Swedish Design Movement through the Swedish Institute, the City of Malmö and Svensk Form.