1922 May 2022
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1922 May 2022
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Sustainable Wardrobe

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Future Fashion + Storage for Life = Sustainable Wardrobe

What does a sustainable wardrobe look like? Is there a future for the fashion industry’s current business model? Visit Studio Elfa to see what the fashion of the future might look like – a future that cultivates creative design and has a sensible and sustainable approach to both materials and production.

Studio Elfa will exhibit the collections of CMMN SWDN, Pampas and Birgitta Helmerson’s in its wardrobe showroom from May 13 to May 24.

CMMN SWDN, Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund, Malmö. The brand’s ambition is to promote a new perspective of masculinity – one that mixes influences from youthful subcultures with elegant, tailored details. CMMN SWDN offers designs that are best described as hybrids between subtle wardrobe must-haves and dramatic creations.

PAMPAS, Linnéa Samia Khalil, Malmö. Pampas operates by and large on the zero-waste principles, and it continually strives to make the best use of all excess production materials. The company produces patterns with as little waste material as possible. Be it fabric or other applications, something new is always created!  Because Pampas believes in small scale production, and therefore makes garments to order, no unnecessary manufacturing or warehousing is required. Everything is produced and manufactured in Pampa's studio in Malmö, which is adjacent to its physical store and showroom.

Birgitta Helmersson, Malmö. Birgitta Helmersson designs and develops sewing patterns and garments exclusively based on a zero-waste production model, which means that no fabric is wasted in the cutting and sewing process. A small team creates limited collections and one-of-a-kind pieces made of natural and recycled fabrics designed and manufactured on-site. Having been previously based in Melbourne, Australia, Birgitta has 20 years of industry experience as a designer, a seamstress, and a pattern maker in both fashion and theatrical costume design. She established her brand in 2013, but decided in 2018 to reconnect with her roots by relocating her business and family to Sweden. Birgitta now also runs the fashion brand Helgrose with her partner, Sam Grose.

Studio Elfa is a meeting place for creativity, inspiration, and sharing storage expertise. And you can also book both digital and physical meetings with our expert planning consultants. Moreover, the studio has exclusive wardrobe furnishings and other smart accessories for sale, such as storage bins, coat hangers, jewelry boxes, and more from Marie Kondo and The Container Store.