2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program


SPOK Sample

box with spok tape

Material- and manufacturing inspiration from all over Sweden

SPOK (Contemporary Production and consumption) - is a digital platform and a network of hubs that lists local manufacturers - from crafts to industry. We want to highlight manufacturing opportunities for creative companies to produce locally and sustainably, all the way from production to consumption.

During SSDD, SPOK exhibits its digital platform in physical form and shows the range of materials and manufacturing methods listed on the website. In the exhibition, the visitor can examine samples from categories such as wood, metal, textile, glass, plastic, stone, etc.

SPOK started in Skåne and but has spread and is now established in 6 other regions in Sweden through so-called "local hubs".

We have collected material from the following hubs:
Blekinge, Dalarna, Gotland, Halland, Skåne, Västra Götaland, Västerbotten

The material samples represent the various knowledge that exists within Swedish manufacturing and aim to inspire more practitioners to produce locally.

SPOK is run by Form/Design Center and founded by Jenny Nordberg, who is also the creative director. The initiative has been carried out with the support of Region Skåne, Malmö City, the County Administrative Board Skåne, the Cultural Council, the Agency for Growth.