2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program


The Sea of Kinship

the sea of kinship

Join a Live Action Roleplay of the Öresund

About 600 known organisms live in the Öresund Strait surrounding Mälmo. What kind of interspecies interaction happens there underwater?  How many communication languages are there among them and in which formations do they occur? This workshop invites all visitors to participate in a playful LARP kind of event, where each participant embodies an underground species and takes part in a gamified character driven role-play.
The aim is to explore ways of understanding to be that other, while at the same time reflecting the mechanisms of the posthuman realm. Through such embodiment, we raise questions about identity and relating to another, in a non-dualistic and non-anthropocentric worldview.

For that reason, we want to invite the participants to the sea-like space, guided by a set of simple rules which reflect the kinship in the waters surrounding Öresund Strait. The experience will be supported by the intervention in space (lights, props), as well as costumes and make-up of the facilitators and those who feel like joining in. This event is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.

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This event is part of the Locally Alien Festival.