Scroll & Fold ~ A Love Story Untold

Scroll and fold. BEAST Studio

Digital + Analog = Scroll & Fold ~ A Love Story Untold

Scroll & Fold is a project arranged by BEAST Studio. It explores artistic and graphic creation in relation to the overwhelming, constantly growing feeds in both the digital sphere, but also the physical room. The visitor is invited to add to the feed by producing graphic material which is then quickly printed in a Risograph and uploaded to the digital feed as well as to an ever-growing pile of printed and folded papers in the studio.

An ever-present concept in our modern life is the digital feed, constantly growing and seemingly without both beginning and end, designed to keep us glued to our screen in an act of endless scrolling. With the introduction of the “infinite scroll” function, the tiny pause at the end of a page – where the user could choose to stop clicking further – was replaced by a complete disregard of any possible free will of the user, automatically keeping sending the user further down the ever-expanding hole.

The project consists of a series of micro-workshops where the visitors add to the digital feed by creating graphic material that is printed and uploaded. The feed also gets a tangible representation in the room, in the second part of the workshop where the printed matter is to be folded in different shapes and thrown on a steadily growing pile.

BEAST Studio will let digital principles influence the analog production, and vice versa. And also use artistic methods to create graphic design, and vice versa. All will be documented and collected in both digital and physical presentations that will complement each other.

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