1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


Scenes from a home

Ebba & her Lasagna Chandalier

Kitchen Sink Realism + Livingroom Factory = Scenes from a Home

Welcome to my home, my factory, my gallery, my store!

During the corona years, working from home has become the norm — our private and professional lives have merged. So, in recent months, my apartment has transformed from a private sphere to a public stage. Its function has been reshaped according to my creative needs, as a designer and as a person.

I have created a decentralized production line in my living room and gradually replaced all my interiors with new ones that I designed and built. These new interiors and belongings are all for sale during SSDD!

Whilst filing and drilling I’ve been thinking: How important is our stuff for our identity? The Swedes' interest in interior design is only getting larger. Is it really just a matter of creating a comfortable and beautiful home, or is there a deeper desire behind it? Our need to appear trend-conscious is strong, but creates desperate consumption patterns, resulting in a sort of "fast fashion of things". It's cheap, mass-produced, and temporary.

Is it possible to turn your back on the bustle?

By placing both production and sales in the limited space of my apartment, the distribution chain is cut short and enables more direct and intuitive designing.

Welcome to my home! There will be breakfast on Friday at 9:30

Photo: Malin Sjöstedt