1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


The Glade - a place for contemporary crafts


Presence + Materiality = The Glade - a place for contemporary crafts

At a time of climate change, "The Glade" reveals itself. This is an exhibition produced by the Swedish Crafts Centre, where a unique selection of contemporary crafts come together as a refuge and a counterpoint to the flow of mass-produced objects of our time. Among the works in this exhibition, the language of the hand is evident. Artistic interpretation combined with technical skill creates a closeness to the material and offers tactile works with a strong presence.

Knowledge of the origin and manufacture of materials has become a blind spot for most people. Middle-class homes are filling up and garbage piles are growing at the same rate. In contrast to the unabashed mass consumption of our time and with a love for nature, curator Helena Sandström has created The Glade, an exhibition concept that invites reflection, focus and presence. It is a place of rest and a poetic experience where the quality, expression and personality of the handmade objects are allowed to speak and show their added value.

The exhibition features works by eleven invited craft artists representing a wide range of materials and generations: Carl Richard Söderström, Cecilia Levy, Ellen Ehk Åkesson, Elsa Unnegård, Emilia Sundqvist, Hanna Liljenberg, Marie Eklund, Petronella Eriksson, Sanna Wallgren, Sara Lundqvist and Tore Svensson.

"In 'The Glade', knowledge is deeper than the roots. It is a story of time and care that demonstrates strong materiality and creates a presence in the objects, where traces of the hand can be sensed", says Helena Sandström, curator.


The Swedish Crafts Centre’s program is supported by Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.