2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Diversity of Design

SSDD Studio Nordic

Collaboration + Adaptation = Diversity of Design

In this series of design talks, Sony’s Design Center Europe/Studio Nordic will illuminate the diversity of research and design at the studio, and how it reflects the need to collaborate and adapt in constantly changing global conditions.

Insight driven strategy

Collaborative and structured research is a tool to break through internal and external barriers. Gathering new experiences and observations as a team, creates a common understanding of challenges and opportunities, while building a platform for strategy creation.

The power of color

Color is more than a visual impression, it is an emotional experience that deeply influences your overall expression and design directions.

The future of learning

Discovering the challenges faced by schools today and exploring how Sony’s unique technology can be utilized to teach children relevant skills for new job types that currently don’t yet exist.

A vision to improve life

How to design technology to be integrated into a user’s life. Creating an open communication platform that enables personal freedom and safety for people.

Creating interactive experiences

Combining new sensor technologies and digital content into a fully packaged solution to create large-scale immersive experiences.