2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program


Crafted Potential


An exhibition arranged by Olsson&Gerthel, who has invited furniture manufacturer Fogia to collaborate with designer Kajsa Willner, to explore the untapped potential of residual materials and by-products from the company's manufacturing process. 

The exhibition is dedicated to researching and finding methods and applications to reintroduce residual materials into the manufacturing process. The starting point for the exhibition has been to look at residual material from a non-hierarchical perspective. With the start of a joint research and mapping of Fogia's residual material streams. To explore various possibilities for waste materials to be seen as a resource and raw material in tactility, form, function with the hope of finding possible future applications. 

Through both small-scale and large-scale case studies, Willner illustrates and investigates the potential of different residual materials to be refined through different approaches such as:

Material development 


Surface treatments 

Collaboration involving the factory and Fogia as a company to: 

  • Take part in mapping their own residual material flows in (origin, type, amount and use in end of life) 
  • Implementation of residual materials in prototyping of new designs, adapted to the factory's manufacturing processes. 

Crafted Potential is an exhibition that celebrates all the opportunities with looking at waste as an untapped material resource and how different strategies can implement systems where residual materials can achieve their full potential.