2730 May 2021
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2730 May 2021
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Collection of Birch Bark


Birch Bark + New techniques = Collection of Birch Bark

Items from the Collection of Birch Bark.

The birch bark is processed in different ways, by hand and by using technology such as sewing, heat press and dyeing. With a modern interpretation of traditional craft techniques the objects are shaped based on the materiality of each bark sheet. The diversity in the material makes each object unique in shape, colour, and volume.

Vessels, tamped cans and braided objects contributes of the Nordic cultural heritage and are often displayed in historical exhibitions. The birch bark material
has historically been of great importance to people in the northern parts of the world as the material was easily accessed in the woodlands. Today, classical 
birch bark features are replaced by plastic materials that are cheap and
easy to mass produce while birch bark has become a waste product in the forest industry.

With Collection of Birch Bark, Högman wants to reintroduce the material as a useful and desirable material in contemporary contexts. Characteristics such as water-repellent, insulating and rot-resistant properties, makes the material well suited for storage, preparation and serving food. The purpose is
to place birch bark in a modern context where it's visual and haptic qualities are as important as the practical ones.