2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program


The Circular Kitchen

det cirkulära köket

The Circular Kitchen - a place for locally produced food and soil

The kitchen is the heart of the home - it's where we prepare our meals and store our food. It is the place where we produce food scraps and household waste. The kitchen is also a social hub in our daily lives.

During the last century the kitchen has undergone radical changes. It has gone from countryside kitchen with a fireplace, to the optimized, compact and hygenic kitchen, cut off from the social spaces of the home. New technical devices have facilitated the work carried out in the kitchen, and research institutes have studied the optimal measurements for the working environment. Inspiration was drawn from Taylorism with it's ideas about rational organization and time saving.

Since then, the kitchen as a space has been opened up and it's location has become even more central in our homes. But fundamentally not much has changed in functionality and new kitchen models mainly contribute with different aesthetic expressions. 

The Circular Kitchen is a new type of kitchen, adapted to our times's need to change to a more sustainable way of life, which minimizes packaging and transport and which is adapted to growing hydropocically, sprouting, brewing, composting, fermenting, drying, grinding of seeds and grains, recycling and transforming food scraps into new nutrition and soil, directly on site. It's the kitchen as it's own circular system!

Valuable advisors in our kitchen-project are Grobruket and Ecofungi that develop innovative cultivation solutions for home growers.