CANDYTUFT - Yarn Shooting Agency

Tongue tied + Tufting gun = Candytuft

Candytuft – Yarn shooting agency

  • We tuft carpets

  • We speak the flower language

  • We resolve your communication issues through floriography and everlasting yarn bouquets

Do you feel suffocated by your last Tinder date but don’t feel like ghosting just yet?
Do you miss the abs your partner had when you started dating, but don't know how to approach the subject?
Are you secretly in love and don’t dare to say it?
Are you scared of conflict but feel the need to tell someone politely to fuck off?

Let Candytuft resolve your modern issues with Victorian solutions!

As experts on the flower language, Candytuft can get your message across without uttering a word. Using floriography (the flower language) we deliver whatever message you desire in the shape of a bouquet. By packaging a difficult message into a beautiful carpet you soften the blow, also, you don’t need to work up any courage to face conflict – Candytuft delivers the message for you!

You are welcome to visit Candytuft in the flower kiosk on S:t Knuts väg. This building used to be a flower kiosk back in the 1940s and after decades of being unused Candytuft is continuing the tradition of fulfilling the floral needs of the neighborhood.

By combining our exploration in hand tufting, site specific inspiration and speculative (albeit cheesy) design, we present the fictional company Candytuft. A conflict resolution agency and bringer of beauty.