1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


Edible seasons


Sustainable + Consumption = Edible seasons

Edible seasons is part of a degree project within the bachelor's program in Graphic Design at Malmö University. The project aims to inform and encourage the purchase of fruit and vegetables in season and includes a fictitious campaign with an associated campaign website, Instagram profile, marketing and an illustrated seasonal calendar. The projects connection to the theme Proximity springs from bringing consumers closer to an understanding of what is grown in Sweden, how both individuals and climate can benefit from shopping in season and at the same time supporting Swedish growers.

The exhibition during Southern Sweden Design Days 2022 includes the illustrated seasonal calendar. The calendar is created as a series in four posters containing illustrations of the fruits, vegetables and berries that are in season during each season. The idea with the calendar is that it should be designed in such a way that it can take place in the home and be available as an inspiration for planning, shopping, recipes or just as a reminder.

Shopping and eating the fruits and vegetables that are grown in Sweden has several benefits for both the individual and the climate, especially if the goods in question are also in season. Choosing to consume fruit and vegetables in season means a reduced energy consumption for greenhouses and shorter transport routes, which is good in several respects. Mainly because the goods do not have to be flown or in other ways transported longer distances, which leads to both reduced emissions and reduced food waste as many fruits and vegetables become waste on the way to the store. If the crops have been allowed to grow and mature in their own time, they also have other benefits such as a higher nutrient content and more taste. A last and not least significant reason for the consumer is that the goods in season are available at a lower price.

It can be difficult for each individual person to feel that they can make a difference, but an easy way for the consumer to contribute to a more climate-smart agriculture is to choose Swedish food in season in the store. This project aims to make these choices a little easier.

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