Architect’s initiative


Societal development + Urbanism = Architect’s initiative

At the quay in the future district of Nyhamnen in Malmö, Stadstudio is opening its doors for Southern Sweden Design Days to an exhibition unveiling innovative methods for urban development. The Architects’ initiative is a core concept practiced by Stadstudio that can inspire new strategies for urban development and architecture.

Today, urbanism and architecture are dominated by strong economic forces, often to the detriment of the finished product and the original intentions. This feeds populist trends with criticism against much of what is being built today. Could there be a new way of developing our cities and their intrinsic architecture? Could architects take on a new and enlarged role as urban developers? Architects thus have a great responsibility for the development of society and should indeed take active initiatives for how our cities develop in the future.

During Southern Sweden Design Days, Stadstudio presents three in-house projects which illustrate how the Architect’s initiative creates visionary working methods. With the event, Stadstudio wishes to invite the visitor to discuss architecture, urban development and our shared living environment.